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Biodiversity is the foundation of ecosystems and habitats, which in turn constitute our natural environment. Ecosystems provide the goods and services which ensure well-being and moderate environmental conditions. When biodiversity is impacted, the direct consequence is to diminish the well-being of society. 

Habitat destruction and the changes to ecosystems is possibly the greatest cause of biodiversity loss. Fragmented habitats cause species to become isolated small populations particularly vulnerable to genetic in-breeding. This makes the species more vulnerable to random events, from encroaching development to extreme weather. While the genetic pool shrinks, so too does reproductive fitness and the adaptability of populations. As a consequence, there is lower reproduction and also a higher death-rate. No wonder extinction trends are on the increase.

Introduced species often become invasive when they breed and out-compete or eat the endemic species. Invaders impact on fauna and flora, but also on the soil, land and water resource. Invaders tend to be resource-hungry and deplete the natural assets.

 Human impact on natural areas can have drastic unintended circumstances. In fact, introduced or invasive plant species are one of the leading drivers of the loss of biological diversity. Most famously, these losses are the result of the invading species out competing natives, who typically are naive to such pressures. Not all Invasive Plant Species take hold, of course, but very often the ones that do, can do so in viral proportions. Action is needed to recognise and eradicate these problems. Sooner rather than later.

How far would you go to make a positive contribution to the environment? Recycle a plastic bag? Place a self-inflicted ban on flying? And what would you do to restore balance? Recycle your grey water? Clean a river? Protect natural corridors for migration? buildings and homes without using any cement
Are you environmentally conscious? Are the plants in your surroundings exotic, invasive plant species or indigenous? 

The Rich Biodiversity at Mount Moreland allows and encourages landowners to make a real, positive difference within the environment. Become a Conservationist of the Environment today, join the Mount Moreland Conservancy or donate towards this worthy cause.


Mount Moreland Conservancy 

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'Conservation is the only plan the last endangered species is man'
 Donald Hawkridge