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Mount Moreland Conservancy
Registered with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife 1996Mount Moreland Conservancy

The conservancy was established in 1995 and registered with the conservation body of Ezemvelo Wildlife KZN. Many projects have been undertaken in our Mount Moreland Conservation area over the years with much reward and credit for our efforts.

Mount Moreland Conservancy Objectives/Main focusMount Moreland Conservancy

A) To protect, improve and preserve the quality of the Mdloti river and surrounding wetlands environment including the fauna and flora within the area of the conservation.
B) To monitor all present and future development in the area
C) To foster co-operation and sound relationships within the community and land owners towards a healthier environment
D)To initiate and promote self-education and community awareness in the understanding and concept of conservation
E) To liaise and affiliate with similar organizations locally, nationally and internationally
F) To establish, raise and administer funds for the pursuit and implementation of these objectives

Name change: 2012
Lake Victoria Conservancy  Mount Moreland Conservancy

Formally called the Lake Victoria Conservancy it was recently decided that a name change was needed to make us more site specific.

      Lake Victoria Conservancy original logo            Lake Victoria Conservamcy old logo
Logo design 1995                                                               upgraded 2007

New name and logo 2012
Mount Moreland Conservancy

Mount Moreland Conservancy registers as Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)
Mount Moreland Conservancy Certificate of Registration Nonprofit Organization 21-11-2012


Mount Moreland Conservancy Awards Received

Award of Appreciation
Conservancies Day 29 September 2012
From eThekwini Municipality Parks, Recreation and Culture

Award of Appreciation for Mount Moreland Conservancy


The Rhino Award
from eThekwini Conservancies December 2011

For outstanding commitment, dedication and contribution to conservation and for the tireless effort and energy expended on the Barn Swallows and for the promotion, preservation, protection of this incredible migrant. A local, national and international tourist attraction. A global treasurer we must strive to preserve and protect together.

Presentation of Rhino Award
Presentation from Jean Lindsay - eThekwini Conservancies Association
to Angie Wilken, Chairperson - Mount Moreland Conservancy

Mount Moreland Conservancy receives Rhino Award 


2010 Mount Moreland Conservancy Certificate of Recognition
In recognition of outstanding commitment and contribution to the natural environment.

Mount Moreland Conservancy Certificate of Recognition


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'Conservation is the only plan the last endangered species is man'
 Donald Hawkridge