Snare Hunt 19 December 2015

All participants met at the Mount Moreland Gazebo, a plan of area decided upon, then headed out to Scary cliffs and Snare Hunt 19 December 2015Froggy Pond by 7.50pm. We divided into groups and proceeded into the bush. It was so hot it was like being in a sauna and the alien vegetation was thick, dense and thorny.

A total of 18 snares were found and 12 bags of litter collected on route.

Big Thank You to Mount Moreland Community members, Dolphin Coast Conservancy and Honorary Officers whom gave up their personal time to come and assist with this project.

We regrouped at 10pm thoroughly exhausted and headed back to the gazebo where cool drinks and boerewors rolls were on sale.

Best turn out we have ever had, very well supported and alot of ground covered that has not been checked previously. A fun day enjoyed by all.
Snare Hunt 19 December 2015
Team heading outSnare Hunt 19 December 2015
Some interesting sightings along the waySnare Hunt 19 December 2015

Snare Hunt 19 December 2015
Images of snare in place before removalSnare Hunt 19 December 2015