Albizia lebbeck


Albizia lebbeck is a tree belonging to the legumes in the family Fabaceae which is native to tropical southern Asia, and widely cultivated and naturalised in other tropical and subtropical regions.  

                                        Albizia Lebbeck  Albizia lebbeck

Albizia lebbeck grows to a height of 18–30 m tall with a trunk 50 cm to 1 m in diameter. The flowers are white, with numerous 2.5–3.8 cm long stamens, and very fragrant. The fruit is a pod 15–30 cm long and 2.5-5.0 cm broad, containing six to twelve seeds.  


Invasive alien  

In South Africa Albizia lebbeck is classified as a Cat 1 invasive plant under The Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, No. 43 of 1983, as amended in March 2001 


Category 1 declared plants (Section 15A of the amended act): 

  • may not occur on any land or inland water surface other than in biological control reserves. 
  • must be controlled by the land user on whose land or inland water such plants are growing
  • may not be planted or propagated. 
  • may not be imported or sold; and may not be allowed to disperse .


Removal and control 

It is recommended to cut larger trees and treat the stumps with herbicide as they produce large amounts of seed and unlike many tropical legumes, Albizia lebbeck is not particularly hard-seeded and often a large proportion of seed germinates rapidly. Paint the cut surface with a 50% mixture of triclopyr (Garlon®) and diesel. 


Seedlings and saplings can be pulled out by hand or dug out. 


Michael Hickman