Plant Lists for the Mount Moreland Conservancy

The Mount Moreland Conservancy would like to encourage and educate the home owners of Mount Moreland and surrounding areas to become more conscientious of the plants within their gardens and environment with the ultimate goal of an Indigenous paradise! 

There is a tendency for home owners and parks in cities and towns, to be planted with exotic vegetation. This makes them high maintenance areas, requiring lots of watering, weeding, fertilization, and worst of all adding to indigenous bio-diversity loss of habitat creating an extreme unbalance within the environment.

The advantage of indigenous plants:

  • Maintain themselves in the poor soils
  • Require less or little water
  • Evergreen
  • Attract birds and wildlife - habitats for natural fauna
  • Source of medicinal plants

One of the most important advantages of planting indigenous is low maintenance and water saving. There are many benefits to using indigenous plants in the garden because indigenous plants endemic to an area have developed especially to cope with the local conditions and are more hardy.

Click on an image below to reveal the lists of indigenous plants suitable for the gardens within the Mount Moreland Conservancy area.

 Mount Moreland tree lists

 Flowers for Mount Moreland

 List of Aloes for the Mount Moreland Conservancy Area

 Creepers for the Mount Moreland Conservancy

 Aquatic plants suitable for the Mount Moreland Conservancy area

 Grass list fot the Mount Moreland Conservancy

Plant Lists to attract Bio-Diversity

 List of plants to attract butterflies to the Mount Moreland Conservancy

 List of plants to attract birds to the Mount Moreland Conservancy

 Plants to attract Bush Buck to the Mount Moreland Conservancy


Mount Moreland Conservancy
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 Indigenous flower Mount Moreland Conservancy

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