Creepers for the Mount Moreland ConservancyCreepers for the Mount Moreland Conservancy

List compiled by Michael Hickman  -  links and common names by Angie Wilken
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Picture Link  Name Common Name  Description
 Abrus precatorius Abrus precatorius  bead vine, coral bead plan

creeper lucky bean plant very attractive red and black seeds does well on a fence 

 Aptenia cordifolia Aptenia cordifolia  baby sun rose, red aptenia

succulent creeper small mauve flowers very attractive grows naturally in Mount Moreland

 Asparagus falcatus Asparagus falcatus  large forest asparagus

creeper prefers semi-shade to fully shade

 Canavalia rosea Canavalia rosea  Bay Bean or Beach Pea

creeper full sun with attractive sweet pea like flowers does very well on sandy soils 

 Carpobrotus dimidiatus Carpobrotus dimidiatus  Natal sour fig

succulent creeper full sun with attractive mauve flowers does very well on sandy soils 

 Clematis brachiata Clematis brachiata

 Traveller's Joy, Old Man's beard,

creeper very attractive masses of white flowers ideal to grow on a fence

 Gloriosa superba Gloriosa superba  Flame lily

climber very attractive red and yellow flowers does exceptionally well in sandy soils 

 Jasminum multipartitum Jasminum multipartitum  starry wild jasmine

creeper Jasmine fragrant white flowers suitable to grow on fences and  pergolas

 Jasminum stenolobum Jasminum stenolobum  Hairy Jasmine

creeper Jasmine fragrant white flowers suitable to grow on fences and pergolas

 Mondia whitei Mondia whitei  White's ginger, tonic root  excellent garden subject where a climber is needed for providing a shaded area.
 Rhoicissus tomentosa

Rhoicissus tomentosa

wild grape, bush grape, African grape

handsome climber closely related to the domestic grape attracts birds

  Sarcostemma viminale  Sarcostemma viminale  Melktou

 an interesting leafless climber with cream to yellow flowers very drought resistant easy to grow

 Senecio brachypodus

Senecio brachypodus

 old man  scrambling, succylent shrub
 Senecio deltoideus

Senecio deltoideus  

   florets sweetly honey scented
 Senecio macroglossus Senecio macroglossus    Natal ivy   the bright yellow daisy flowers amongst the foliage make it clear that it bears no real relationship to ivy whatsoever
 Senecio tamoides Senecio tamoides

canary creeper

 There is nothing more stunning than a sheer drop of masses of golden yellow flowers and this creeper literally drips with flowers when in full bloom
 Tecomaria capensis Tecomaria capensis  Cape honeysuckle  Flowering time for this shrub is very erratic and often it flowers all year round. Flowers vary from red, deep orange, yellow to salmon.
 Thunbergia alata Thunbergia alata  black-eyed susan   Is well known as a fast-growing, long-flowering, friendly creeper

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