Project Area: A. Mount Moreland

Project Area: A. Mount Moreland

Situated in a 'Green Lung' environment and Conservation area, surrounded by hectares of natural wetlands, Lake Victoria, Froggy Pond and the Mdolti River forming part of the DMOSS (Durban Metropolitan Open Space System) the setting adds a total uniqueness to this pristine area.
The majority of the 157 residential erven in the Mount Moreland village are held in private ownership which are either developed with houses or are vacant.17 years ago we planted some of the verges and parks with indigenous trees and shrubs, at the same time removing vast amounts of Guava, syringe and pepper trees. Because of the elevated height of the two hills that make up Mount Moreland it is imperative to eradicate all alien infestation to prevent further contamination on the lower slopes and ultimately the wetlands.

Action Plan:
* Embark on an intense alien champagne, educating the residents and land owners about the damage the alien species are creating in our area. Encourage participation, clean up and removal of invaders, praise all effort, keep a map reference as to which sections are alien free.
* Establish data base of all property owners, set up website, email newsletters, Notice board, apply persuasive pressure, make interesting and fun, distributre brochures. Educate and train about aliens and what indigenous vegetation to introduce to the Mount Moreland gardens and conservancy area.
* Public and personal presentations, consultations, workshops.

Items Required:Project area: A Mount Moreland
Set up data base, Website, Signage, brochure, graphic design, lists and graphics of Aliens and indigenous vegetation local.
Compost, Herbicide, Indigenous Plants for rehabilitation

Estimated time:
5 years






  Project Area A: Within the Mount Moreland Village. Educating public, creating awareness & interest.
  Project Area B: Area below Lake Victoria viewing site.
  Project Area C: Lake  Victoria main Barn Swallow roosting site and wetland edge.
  Project Area D: Upper feed to Lake Victoria and entrance section to main reedbed.
  Project Area E: Main entrance area to Mount Moreland village
  Project Area F: Feed to Froggy Pond, drainage contours to be considered.
  Project Area G: Froggy Pond wetland and edging.
  Project Area H: Left of Scary Cliffs bend.
  Project Area I: River banks and Scary Cliffs main.