Project Area: B. Area below Lake Victoria Viewing Site ± 120 000m²

Project Area: B. Area below Lake Victoria Viewing Site

Sloping bank 45°, infested with aliens. Nice large rock formations, nice grasses.
Spectators that venture down the bottom of the viewing site follow a dirt path that we cut but it is embarrassing that they have to sit in a garden of weeds! People love to explore this area.

Action Plan:
Aliens to be eradicated, new grasses etc to be introduced on slopes. Bush walk- track to be extended with seating. Patch planting with ID signs to educate the public, also add additional information, plant benefits, what it attracts etc.Project Area: B. Area below Lake Victoria Viewing Site

Required for project success:
Water connection
Indigenous Plants for rehabilitation
Educational, fun signage, graphic design

Time Frame:
 3 years





  Project Area A: Within the Mount Moreland Village. Educating public, creating awareness & interest.
  Project Area B: Area below Lake Victoria viewing site.
  Project Area C: Lake  Victoria main Barn Swallow roosting site and wetland edge.
  Project Area D: Upper feed to Lake Victoria and entrance section to main reedbed.
  Project Area E: Main entrance area to Mount Moreland village
  Project Area F: Feed to Froggy Pond, drainage contours to be considered.
  Project Area G: Froggy Pond wetland and edging.
  Project Area H: Left of Scary Cliffs bend.
  Project Area I: River banks and Scary Cliffs main.