Project Area: C. Lake Victoria Main Barn Swallow Roosting Site ± 180 000m²

 Project Area C  

Shallow Lake 35, 5 hectares full of Phragmites Australis, alien vegetation starting to encroach along wetland edge with pepper trees and lantana. Aliens starting to emerge within the wetland.
Water exit chocked with bug weed, balloon vine, cannas, lantana and Triffid.
Sugar cane farming activity within very close proximity to reedbed.

Action Plan:
Remove aliens from centre of reedbed, this will be challenging because of water depths and sharp Phragmites, visibility once in the reedbed. Gaining access to the reedbed through densely infested areas.
Clean up exit from Lake Victoria and edge of wetland.
Re-introduce wetland grasses and indigenous wind breaks.
Assess indigenous forestation.
Once all above achieved - Request recess of sugar cane

Project Area: C. Lake Victoria Main Barn Swallow Roosting Site

Required for project success:Herbicide
Indigenous Plants for rehabilitation
Educational, fun signage, graphic design
Brush cutter

Time Frame:
 3 years


  Project Area A: Within the Mount Moreland Village. Educating public, creating awareness & interest.
  Project Area B: Area below Lake Victoria viewing site.
  Project Area C: Lake  Victoria main Barn Swallow roosting site and wetland edge.
  Project Area D: Upper feed to Lake Victoria and entrance section to main reedbed.
  Project Area E: Main entrance area to Mount Moreland village
  Project Area F: Feed to Froggy Pond, drainage contours to be considered.
  Project Area G: Froggy Pond wetland and edging.
  Project Area H: Left of Scary Cliffs bend.
  Project Area I: River banks and Scary Cliffs main.