Project Area: G. Froggy Pond Wetland and Edging

Project Area: G. Froggy Pond Wetland and Edging

A wet wetland full of Phragmites Australis, alien encroachment in centre of reedbed and surrounding banks, thick pepper, bug weed, syringe etc. Dense alien infested vegetation on western terrain into Mount Moreland.
Froggy Pond is home to three Threatened frog species, the Pickergill's Reed Frog (Critically Endangered), the Natal Leaf-Folding Frog and the Spotted Shovel-nosed Frog (both Vulnerable).
African Python of huge size seen in these parts.
Barn Swallows use as roosting ground.
Hammerkop nest, sandpaper figs with fern undergrowth.

Action Plan:
Tend to aliens from within the reedbed, wetland banks, and Western terrain. Rehabilitate with wetland vegetation and grasses. Special care to be taken due to sensitivity of species present.
Extremely thick vegetation on Western terrain sloping down into natural deep drainage channels, lots of round river boulders.

Required for project success:Project Area: G. Froggy Pond Wetland and Edging
Indigenous Plants for rehabilitation
Brush cutter

Time Frame:
 2 years




  Project Area A: Within the Mount Moreland Village. Educating public, creating awareness & interest.
  Project Area B: Area below Lake Victoria viewing site.
  Project Area C: Lake  Victoria main Barn Swallow roosting site and wetland edge.
  Project Area D: Upper feed to Lake Victoria and entrance section to main reedbed.
  Project Area E: Main entrance area to Mount Moreland village
  Project Area F: Feed to Froggy Pond, drainage contours to be considered.
  Project Area G: Froggy Pond wetland and edging.
  Project Area H: Left of Scary Cliffs bend.
  Project Area I: River banks and Scary Cliffs main.