Mount Moreland Conservancy Projects

We see this as our moral obligation towards the environment and social responsibility towards the people, restore and manage the local environment/ecosystem for the benefit of all, now and for future generations.  

Without initiation and action our conservation area will be lost to alien infestation, already we are seeing the signs of a total onslaught of alien encroachment into our 2 wetlands, river system and internal gardens. 

We are constantly keeping a close eye on developments on our borders with drainage feeding into our wetlands, constantly attending and participating in EIA’s to ensure continued protection. 

Create and establish partnerships/working relationships with our neighbors to achieve common objective and ultimate goal of harmony together with the environment. 


Conservation Project need/aim: to encourage participation from the community/public/private sector/government, educating on fauna, flora and alien vegetation, create biodiversity biosphere specific to our area. Encourage participation, awareness and involvement .Enhancing, expanding and preserving existing biodiversity, protection of red data species and area specific phenomenon.  Data collection and sharing. Collective input and studies. 


Important Opportunities: We have already begun to tap into the biodiversity tourism potential of certain elements within our conservancy area through local initiatives which are ongoing. Local, National and International tourist visit our area to witness the awesome phenomenon of millions of Barn Swallows that come to roost from mid October until mid April. This is to be seen as a window of opportunity to educate and inform visitors of ALL aspects of the environment/biosphere they are visiting, introduce them to other elements of interest and potential for future generations. Promote sponsorship. 



 Project Approach 


1.     Create master plan of the entire conservation are – people can then conceptualize project objectives, ultimate goals, rewards, challengers etc

2.     Set up website – register domain, service provider, design etc

3.     Create data base of community and conservation bodies

4.     Produce directory

5.     Studies to be conducted and documented on all fauna, flora and aliens in our conservation area.

6.     Create innovative presentation package to approach government, investors, partners etc.

7.     Make a visible impact – Create/stimulate awareness, involvement, captivate public interest constantly, excite about project, promote, advertise, on site signage, notice board. Brochure, newspapers, information booklet hard and soft distribution.

8.     Identify site specific areas of interest – create walks/trails, conduct snare hunts – create fun map of trail location, train 2 people in biodiversity stewardship, full time employment.



All as listed above to be developed concurrently with priority in order of listing.

Use new innovative, creative approach, involve as much participation and interest in the project as possible.


Potential Risks:  

Changing people’s perceptions about the environment will be challenging and implementing new lifestyle to achieve objectives.

Raising funds for the eradication of aliens and rehabilitation – will approach every available option, opportunity.

Effects of climate change.


Long-term Sustainability/Replicability 

Long term sustainability will depend on how successful we are at educating and involving the community, keeping them inspired and interested.

Once the initial foundations are in place, partnerships/new investment can only be calculated once the project is underway.



Mount Moreland Conservancy Management Plan 
Project Areas identified: click on an area link below the master plan map to reveal area description, challenges to be tackled in each area, items required etc.

  Project Area A: Within the Mount Moreland Village. Educating public, creating awareness & interest.
  Project Area B: Area below Lake Victoria viewing site.
  Project Area C: Lake  Victoria main Barn Swallow roosting site and wetland edge.
  Project Area D: Upper feed to Lake Victoria and entrance section to main reedbed.
  Project Area E: Main entrance area to Mount Moreland village
  Project Area F: Feed to Froggy Pond, drainage contours to be considered.
  Project Area G: Froggy Pond wetland and edging.
  Project Area H: Left of Scary Cliffs bend.
  Project Area I: River banks and Scary Cliffs main.

Contact us to find out more if you are interested in sponsoring a Project Area